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Tailknott'r© Demo:

A close look at the Tailknott'r©


 Tailknott'r© Demo:

The Tailknot© Loop


 Tailknott'r© Demo:

The Surgeons Knot


 Tailknott'r© Demo:

DB Looper knot


Tailknott'r© Demo:

Shank Tie


 Tailknott'r© Demo:

Tying hooks with gloves on
(we did this just to prove a point)


 Tailknott'r© Demo:

Short Shanked Hook Knot

Tie knots super fast! Whether right or left handed.
Knot Tying Image


 Cut line with the built in line cutter.
Line Cutter


 And after a days fishing Tailknott'r opens your beer

 Bottle Opener




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