Lunker Lake©

Is the Ultimate fresh water fishing board game invented in Canada by Anthony Johnson of Nanaimo BC. And was featured on the Arthur Black show (Basic Black) CBC radio, and in the Outdoor Canada Magazine.

Outdoor Canada Write Up of Lunker

The board game is for two to six players, age 6 to 106. The best thing is you don't have to fish to play or enjoy Lunker Lake© just as you don't have to be a realtor to play Monopoly!

The object of the game is to catch two fish in each of six lakes, there are many species of fish like lake trout, Bass, Walleye Pike, Muskie etc. Each fish is represented by a card you pick up if your lucky..or skillful. The information and a picture about each fish, and it's weight is printed on the card which adds an educational element to the game.

What may appear to be a relaxing days fishing can soon go pear shaped when you pick up a card that informs you the conservation officer just ticketed you for not having a fishing license, or maybe your boat engine runs out of gas, or you get your lines tangled or a number of other common pitfalls which anglers face from time to time

 The Game includes 

- 20"x30" game board
- card tray
- 144 area cards
- 72 "Fish on" cards
- 24 "Extra rod" cards
- 6 boats
- 2 dice
- rules of play
- lots-a-luck


Lunker Laker
Simply a game of luck...or is it?


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Lunker Game Box
Box weight 4lbs. Dimensions 20.25" x 10.5" x 2"


$38.00 CAD.
For US and Canadian

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Lunker lake Freshwater Fishing board game is the perfect way to relax after a days fishing, great for camping, no television family nights, and makes a great birthday, or Christmas gift 


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