Tailknottr© Affiliate Program.

 What is it?

 The Tailknottr affiliate program is a method of allowing people like you to benefit from the sales of our Tailknottr© anglers tying tool. It is simple to set up, simple to use and there is no work or maintenance needed on your part.

Once set up there is nothing for you to do except wait for your commission cheques, or Paypal payments. Of course if you spend a little time each week promoting your referral link then of course the potential for more sales, and higher income payments is increased.

As an affiliate you can make 10% from each sale of Tailknottr© that was referred by you. Plus the customer that purchases the Tailknottr© tying tool will get a 10% discount off their purchase. This customer discount encourages customers to use your referral link in order to get the discount.

How does it work?

It is really quite simple! All you need to do is click on the "Become an Affiliate" link. Fill out the form, once done a link code will be given to you for pasting into your website, now here is the best part!

A special identifying code number will be generated by our sophisticated affiliate program. This number will be unique to you. Why is that important? well when a customer clicks on your referral link it brings them to this Tailknottr© web site. When they arrive here and wish to purchase the only way they can get their 10% discount is to input your unique affiliate code number. Our program then recognizes your unique code number, and so we know that you sent that customer to us. If the customer you referred to our site decides to buy a Tailknottr© tool then as soon as s/he completes the transaction and inputs your affiliate code numer three emails are sent out, one to the customer confirming their purchase, one to us confirming the purchase and one to you confirming the purchase.

Our affiliate program automatically credits your account (which is on our server) with your commission, so every time someone purchases one or more Tailknottr© tools you are automatically notified of the sale, and your account is automatically credited with 10% of the total sale.

When do you get paid?

If you chose to be paid by cheque (cheques will be in Canadian funds based on the exchange rates as per the Royal Bank of Canada indication rates in effect on the date of issue of your cheque) then you will be paid once your account balance (commissions) reaches $50.00 or more, and after 32 days has elapsed since the last sale you referred. This is done to stop fraud.

If you chose to be paid by Paypal then your commission will be paid into your Paypal account when your account balance (commissions) is $50.00 or more, and after 32 Days have elapsed since the last sale that you referred.

Do I need a website?

NO! While having a website obviously increases your potential for traffic, referrals and sales, it is not the only way to make money with the Tailknottr© affiliate program. You can insert your affiliate link into your email signature which will show on every email you send out. You can also insert your referral link into news letters, or on social media websites, like Facebook, myspace, Youtube, Twitter etc.

Are there any restrictions, rules?
 We will NOT tolerate "spam"! By signing up for the Tailknottr© affiliate program
YOU thereby AGREE:
) That you will NOT participate in the practice of "spamming" or any form of unsolicited multiple email campaigns.

2) In the event that we are notified of your involvement in any "spam" "spamming" or unsolicited email campaigns in that instance your account will be immediately terminated and all commissions due will be forfeited, this you agree to by your application to the Tailknottr© affiliate program.

3) Any products from customers you have referred to us that are returned under our money back guarantee program will be deducted from your affiliate commission. This is to prevent any kind of fraud.

4) You agree that you will not make any false claims regarding the Tailknottr© Unique NEW anglers tying tool. During the course of your participation in the Tailknottr© affiliate program.
You are allowed to use the product information that we provide on our Tailknottr© web site provided that you do not alter, change or elaborate on it in any way. In the event that you or we terminate your membership in the Tailknottr© affiliate program all permissions granted to you will be revoked.

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Karscot Distributors / Fun Zone© it's agents, heirs, and staff, make no claims as to the amount of commission that can be earned under the Tailknottr© affiliate program. No guarantees are expressed or implied. All results will vary for each member and will be a direct result of the amount of marketing each member involves him or herself in and to a greater extent by the aspirations and intentions of the buying public. Karscot Distributors / Fun Zone© does not accept any responsibility for any dameges, or claims for damages resulting from or as a result of being a member of the Tailknottr© affiliate program.


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