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Unique anglers knot tying tool
                 Made in USA 
Tailknottr is The most versatile and easy to use knot tying tool on the market. It comes with FREE worldwide shipping and a free instructional DVD. The Tailknottr tying tool will tie over 30 knots faster and stronger than you can by hand.

It doesn't matter if you've spent thousands of dollars on your tackle, because if your knot FAILS you go home without a fish!

With Tailknottr you ALWAYS go home with a fish!

         Tailknottr features

The Tailknottr is $24.50 USD
the price includes Free shipping worldwide (except Nigeria) for BC residents tax is included. The price also include Free instructional DVD in NTSC format approximately 40 minutes play time, demonstrating how to tie knots and splice line.
Tailknottr makes an Ideal gift for ALL anglers who fly fish.